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Legal Documents I Need As I Get Older

What legal documents and plans do I need as I get older? 

Health check-up? Financial check-up? How about a legal check-up? As we get older it's important to have certain legal documents. Elder law attorney Martha Patterson offers check-list of things to have and prepare for.

You need a will which lists your wishes for after you die. You nee a trust which tells how you should be cared for while you're alive but incapacitated and it continues to list your wishes for after you die; it can also avoid Probate for your estate in some cases.You need a living will or advanced medical care directive so your health care wishes are followed.

This can relieve your family from making serious decisions since they will know what you wanted. You need to give someone a power of attorney so that they can have access to key accounts if you are disabled. And then you need to make your funeral plans. "a prepaid funeral can be the biggest gift you can give to your family" says Martha Patterson. 

Elder law attorney Martha Patterson offers a free consultation and $500 off any paid services when you contact her at her website www.ElderLawMom.com and this is something you shouldn't put off.   



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