When your Christmas Present brings bad news

Typically, at this time of year, I would be sending a happy Christmas story.

This year is different.

Today, I have a dear friend facing a brain tumor and another facing a stroke with damage to his ability to find words, and two others with Covid diagnosis.

So, today I am writing about how grateful I am that I have been able to make sure all 4 of my friends worked with me so that they are legally and financially prepared for their health battles.

As their friend and attorney, I have faxed advance healthcare directives to new doctors, helped their adult children take over their bank accounts using their Powers of Attorney, so important financial decisions could be made. For my friend who has a brain tumor I am adding their daughter as co-trustee so that as they struggle with decisions their child can help them and their child will learn about all their investments now before my friend is unable to pass on their knowledge.

Fortunately, my friend who had a stroke and I had discussed the reality that strokes ran in the family, so we already had put their son in as co-trustee, that friend’s wife is still healthy and making all the decisions but if she gets sick, or has a stroke too they will not end up in court because their living trust was really a death plan.

Instead, we answered the question, what if I get sick and need help when I am alive? Not just will I avoid probate and taxes when I die?

If you are worried about living with a Stroke, dementia or some other dreaded diagnosis, and want to make sure you have a plan for what if I don’t die but get sick? Give me a call at 866-452-9657