Robbed of $365,000 by a Nursing Home

burn money2

I had a woman come into my office; she was referred to me by the Realtor who had been to my Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home Webinar (I will be doing this Webinar again on August 3rd).

The Realtor knew I could help her protect the home and get help paying for care.

Her dad had been in a Nursing Home for over a year, privately paying for his care.

Her dad was out of money.

The business office had just told her to apply for Medi-Cal. What they didn’t tell her when her dad was admitted is that Attorneys like me can protect the funds you have in the bank and qualify for Medi-Cal.

Don’t Believe The Lies!

LIE: You MUST Spend Down

TRUTH: You CAN Qualify Legally And Morally Without Spending Down


TRUTH: You CAN Get Help With LONG TERM CARE Medi-Cal Even If You Have “Too Much Money”

LIE: Getting HELP PAYING For Care Is Illegal or Immoral

TRUTH: The LONG TERM CARE Medicaid (Medi-Cal) Program IS DESIGNED To HELP PAY FOR CARE When Medicare Stops Paying!

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