Protecting a Family Dealing with Disease, Dementia and Disability

John a retired manager of a big company was diagnosed with terminal Cancer, and he knew he needed to protect his wife Margaret as Margaret was showing signs of forgetfulness and she had not handled their finances so he knew she would need help. In addition he was worried about his daughter, and two of his grandchildren, his granddaughter is non-verbal with a diagnosis of autism, and his grandson has had many businesses fail so John knew he needed to protect them.

John knew he needed to plan for his care, and for the care his wife would ultimately need. He needed an Estate Plan that would take care of his wife and grandchildren during their lifetime after he was gone, and a plan to make sure that he was able to lie out his last days as comfortably as possible.
He was lucky to have hired a Certified Elder Law Attorney, his attorney Martha Patterson, put together a plan which enabled him to take care of his wife, daughter and grandchildren. Most importantly, is attorney made sure that his healthcare wishes were honored, she assisted him in getting hospice even though his doctor wanted him to keep fighting which at 93 he no longer wanted to do. His attorney made sure that when he passed the Trustee of his Trust took care of his wife who stayed at home with care until she just passed at 98, and now the money he has left to his daughter and grandchildren is protected, and most importantly his daughter and granddaughter will be able to keep the benefits they both need so that the granddaughter is able to stay at home with her mother as a paid caregiver, with extra help as well.

If you or a loved one is suffering with dementia or disease or living with a disability and you want to plan for not just what happens if you die but what happens if you live with dementia, disability or disease, you should contact an attorney Certified as an Elder Law Attorney(CELA ™) by the National Elder Law Foundation as the lawyers who obtain this Certification have proven their expertise, and passion for helping the elderly and disabled. You can find a CELA™ at

Martha Patterson, CELA™ is Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation.