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Estate Planning

You have worked hard all your life to accumulate personal assets, and the team at Geisler Patterson Law wants to ensure that you pass on your legacy to your family – at the right time and in the manner you desire – rather than have your hard-earned assets consumed by estate taxes, creditors, predators, and probate expenses.

Asset Protection

One of the opportunities an estate-planning attorney such as Martha Patterson has is to protect inheritances from creditors. Martha Patterson understands that it is not unusual for someone to want to help a loved one who is facing money problems by leaving an inheritance to the person. Martha also understands that often people with money problems are not good at handling money, and that creditors will often reduce the amount owed when forced to deal with a third party.

Medi-Cal Planning

Did you know that thousands of Americans eligible for Medi-Cal for nursing home care never even apply for benefits? Yet postponing or avoiding this process means you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year. This is especially true if you are married and your loved one is in a skilled nursing home.

Powers Of Attorney

Many people know the importance of adding a will or possibly a trust to their estate plans. However, numerous California residents don’t understand the importance of powers of attorney. These documents give another person (agent) the power to make decisions on their behalf. By including these documents in your estate plan, you’ll protect your family against having to file for a conservatorship.


Most estates have to pass through probate before the property is distributed to the beneficiaries. While the process is relatively straightforward for small estates valued at up to $166,250, it can be quite complex for larger estates. Fortunately, an Orange County probate lawyer can assist you with the duties, so you can move through the legal process and distribute property to the heirs.

Trusts And Wills

Do you find yourself putting off estate planning because it makes you think of your own mortality? It’s human nature to put off what makes you uncomfortable, but estate planning doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Instead, creating a will and trust empowers you by allowing you to maintain control over who receives your property, cares for your minor children, and more.

Elder Law

As you age, you go through numerous life changes. Many of the changes such as retirement and spending more time with family are welcome. However, you will face challenges as well. From deteriorating health to concerns about finances, these issues can be overwhelming.

Long-Term Care

Hospital Deductible
(coinsurance per day):
Days 1-60: $1,184
Days 61-90: $296
Days 91-150: 592
Each day beyond 150 days, you pay full cost.


Watching a loved one grow older can be heartbreaking as you look on as the person struggles with tasks that used to be easy. Sometimes, aging adults just need a little more time to make decisions. However, if your family member is incapacitated, a conservatorship might be necessary.

Special Needs Trust

When a person hires an attorney to do their estate planning, they want to provide for themselves and their loved ones during their lifetime, and – upon their incapacity or death – give what they want, when they want, and, if they can, save every last fee, tax, or court cost possible.

Trust Administration

Congratulations! You’ve been named trustee in someone’s trust. This is an important position of honor and trust. It shows that the trust’s creator thinks highly of you and your character. But what happens when you become responsible for administering a trust? You might assume that because the revocable living trust avoids the costs and hassles of probate, there is not much after-death administration.

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