Planning Your Estate – In times of Turmoil

Today, we are in times of turmoil. We are worried about getting sick, and we are aware that our days might end sooner than we want. No one wants to think about all the what-ifs.

  • What if I die?
  • What if my loved one or I get dementia?
  • Will we lose all our money paying for Nursing Home Care?

In the good times I do Seminars explaining what you need to do, and soon I will be offering an online Webinar, but you don’t need t know the answers to all the questions you have to know you need to plan for all these what-ifs. So, if you are worried about what if you… and you are wondering how you can protect your family and your assets in these times I want to let you know I am meeting with clients by phone, by facetime, zoom, or any other technology you choose to meet with you. Then once you and I agree on what kind of planning you need, I will gather information about your family and your assets, and prepare the legal documents you need to protect your family and your assets. The documents will need to be signed and we will arrange for you (and your spouse if you are married) to sign the documents. We will need a notary and a witness, typically I am one of the witnesses and my husband often serves as a Notary, though I have worked with a mobile notary and a neighbor as a witness, as I guide remotely. Signings have been done with clients in their cars, you can sign at a table outdoors, you can sign in your home, we can be in my office with masks and everything sanitized.

Don’t put this off, you can wait too long. I had a call last week the caller’s loved one was in hospice. I will meet with people who are in their last days, but they have to be able to tell me what they want to do with their estate; sadly within hours of the call this person’s loved one stopped talking and could no longer do any planning. I pray that he will be comforted in his last days, but I also hope that by sharing this sad story I remind you to plan now, we can make sure you and your family are protected for life’s challenges as well as making sure your loved ones are protected when you are gone.