Nurses the Unsung Heroes

It is nurse appreciation week.

Right now, everyone is noticing how nurses sacrifice their health for others. They do this every day, we know there is a very contagious virus impacting the world, but everyday nurses encounter very contagious bacteria, and other contagious viruses. They do this because they care for others.

My Aunt Floella died of pneumonia she contracted taking care of President Truman. Penicillin was new then and only given to the President and military officers, so she was not cured. My grandmother received a personal note and thank you for all Floella did for him. Floella was a nurse and this is what nurses do.

My sister-in-law is a nurse and she sacrifices every day for others. She sacrifices for her patients, her mother, she sacrificed to care for my mother-in-law because as a nurse that is who she is.

If you are a nurse thank you for all you do every day. Thank you for working long hours, for getting that ice and water, for making sure your patients get the right medications, making sure the doctors get the information they need about their patients, thank you for caring about each patient you see each day. You are each my HERO. I know each day you come to work knowing you could catch something that could cost your life, as it did my aunt, so thank you for coming to work, thank you for caring.