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Martha Patterson Talks About Caring For Your Parents 

In this Question and Answer session with Elder Law Attorney Martha Patterson, Martha talks about elder care, wills, trusts, nursing home care and the dementia crisis in California. In our discussion about the dementia crisis in California Martha reveals some statistics that show how widespread the dementia problem is and the lack of memory care facilities and memory care programs. We also talk about the high cost of these facilities because of the round the clock care that is needed. Martha can offer advice about how families can prepare for this and what they can do if they already face a family issue with dementia. There are legal documents that should be prepared in advance, she advises. Some of the legal documents include a power of attorney, advanced health care directives also known as a living will, as well as a will and a trust. It is so important to set up these documents before someone diagnosed with dementia loses their ability to sign these documents and to participate in the decisions listed in these documents.

She warns that a power of attorney is also a power to steal, so be sure you consult with an attorney to set one up so everyone is properly protected. Elder law attorneys are skilled in carefully creating a proper power of attorney. 

Contact her at 866-452-9657 and get a free consultation plus an extra $500 off any paid service.



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