If Hospital Won’t Allow Visitors Here is what you need

If your loved one is in a Hospital, Nursing Home or Assisted Living and they are limiting visitors to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus this is what you need to do:

  1. Does your loved on have an Advance Health Care Directive? If so find it, see who they named as their agent (the person who can make decisions for them), that person needs to fax the document to the facility and assert their right to discuss the private health information with the staff.
  2. Make frequent calls to your loved one if they can talk, if they can’t talk call the staff, but remember they are busy and probably don’t have as much staff as they need, so be extra patient and nice.
  3. If your loved one does not have a health care directive I have a link here to one for you, you need two witnesses or a notary.
  4. If your loved one is in a Skilled Nursing Facility you MUST call the ombudsman. For Fresno and Madera County, the number is 559-224-9177 or Statewide 1-800-231-4024

I am meeting clients by phone or Zoom during this time or making house calls. Please call me if you are having trouble seeing your loved one, or are want to make sure that you have everything in place if you get sick.