I Care A lot & Britney Spears Avoiding Bad Conservatorships

Over the past few days, I have had a lot of emails “did you watch I Care A Lot?” “What do you think of the Britney Spears Conservatorship?”

I know there is a lot of abuse in Conservatorships (other states call them Guardianships).

Before “I Care A Lot” I had the privilege of getting to know Julie Lynne Belshe whose parents are the subject of the documentary “The Guardian”. Julie is one of my heroes; she took on the system as a non-Attorney and was able to get her parents out of guardianship and helped put April Parks in jail.

I have seen first-hand Elder Abuse through the use of Conservatorships. I have also seen a Conservatorship as the only way to pay the bills of your loved ones and protect them from Elder Abuse. My family had to file a Conservatorship over my mother-in-law because her Trust Failed!

I am on a crusade to help people avoid having to take a loved one to court for a Conservatorship because their Trust Failed!

How do I keep you out of court? I focus on planning for not just what happens when you die but planning for what if you don’t die but end up with Dementia or another devastating diagnosis and need help paying your bills and paying for care.

I put together meetings with the entire family his kids, her kids, their kids, your brother, sister and in-laws as needed. Often my client has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and their life is starting to fall apart. My plans include a lot of checks and balances.

Clients like my in-laws married over 50 years with kids they Trust, we update the “I love you and want you to take over” documents so that we have a “backup” Trustee, I add the child who would take over if you died now so that you can teach them how you saved up your money.

I protect Assets so you can get help paying for care, and whenever possible talk about how we can leverage some of your funds to pay for private care.