Holiday Real Estate Plans

As the holiday season approaches, we anticipate joyous family gatherings, great food, holiday merriment, and…estate planning? While it may seem like a taboo topic for a fireside chat, estate planning is critically important, and the holidays can present the perfect time to get things in motion. Here at The Law Offices of Martha Patterson, our team of law professionals is here to ensure you have all the information you need to be successful in your planning.

It Is Time For The Talk

The holiday season provides a great opportunity to discuss estate planning because families are gathered in person, in one place, and they are not as distracted by work or other day-to-day obligations. While it may seem awkward to initiate this kind of conversation, it is important to determine whether your parents have protections in place when it comes to their estate and their final wishes. There are a couple of different ways you can gently approach the topic. You can test the atmosphere first by having a series of brief/smaller conversations with other family members, or, you can wait for an opening in a group conversation (ex: a parent telling a story about a family heirloom). You could also initiate the discussion by asking your parents for advice about your own estate planning options. Or, you can have a family member who best relates to your parents raise the subject; this way, your parents are more likely to be open to a discussion of estate planning.

Remember, the goal of the discussion is not to find out what these estate planning documents contain or to obtain an asset for yourself. It is to determine whether your parents have carefully considered what they want to have happened with their estate and if they have appropriately memorialized those wishes. Knowing whether your parents have an estate plan in place can save you stress and frustration in an emergency. It can also provide peace of mind knowing that your parent’s financial, medical, and legal affairs are in order – and that they have selected the appropriate person to carry out their wishes.

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