Estate Plans Are Like Earthquake Kits

If you lived in Southern California 27 years ago you did not have to ask if it was an Earthquake, the Northridge Quake hit hard, it was deadly and devastating. Like most people, I have stories of that quake, and boy was I prepared for the next one…for the first few years after.

Now when people mention the anniversary, I look at my kit. I did that Flashlight check batteries dead, water check (a bit old) food check some expired, the rest missing.

Estate Plans are like earthquake kits, you need them, and you need to check them. An outdated plan will work but it could be missing something important like batteries for the flashlights, and some of what you did could be out of date and like the food it is probably ok, but if not you might have a big problem.

So don’t take any chances, give me a call so I can do a check-up on your estate plan (oh and go check your earthquake kit too)