Elders at risk of isolation

As fears of Covid-19 infecting Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings facilities are forced to prohibit visitors. This leaves elders isolated. Calls must be put through and cards delivered. If possible try to see your loved one through a window. I know nothing is like being close enough to touch your loved one. I know for many in facilities they can’t understand why you aren’t visiting. I wish I could get you in to see your loved one.

Many of you know that I was the attorney who enabled the Kasem children to see their dad before he died. Casey Kasem’s voice was known around the world as his top 40 radio show was heard in homes around the world. As he aged he was initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later Lewy Body dementia his wife increasingly isolated him. Eventually, the children from his first marriage, his brother, his friends, his business partners, everyone he knew and loved were denied the ability to see him. Isolation is a form of Elder Abuse, therefore as soon as it is safe, I will help you visit. In the meantime do what you can to keep in touch.

Elders at home are also at risk of isolation too. We can visit and talk at our elders doors, and depending on your health with proper precautions we can still have one on one visits provided we wash our hands, wear clean gloves and masks, and not hug. For those of us whose elderly loved ones are gone, perhaps you can adopt an elderly neighbor and drop off meals or some toilet paper, and perhaps visit 6 feet apart.