Cryptocurrency in Estate Planning

Bitcoin CoinThe popularity of cryptocurrency has soared in recent years with more people buying and selling it than trading in the traditional monetary terms. Here are three things to consider about cryptocurrency in relation to your estate plan:

  1. Estate Tax ConsequencesEstate Tax Estate Plans Gift Tax

    Transferring your cryptocurrency to other people, during life or after your death, could impact income, estate, and gift tax consequences.

  2. Income Tax ConsequencesEstate Tax Crypto

    Essentially, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) contends that the sale or exchange of a “convertible virtual currency” may result in taxable gain or loss just as the sale or exchange of other property would. Whether they categorize the gain or loss as a capital gain or loss depends on whether the convertible virtual currency was a capital asset in the hands of the taxpayer. The government may not consider the virtual currency a capital asset in the hands of the taxpayer. For instance, with inventory or other property held for sale in a business, the taxpayer would realize ordinary gain or loss.

  3. Potential Estate and Gift Tax Consequences

    Gift Estate Tax GiftThe IRS considers virtual currency to be property. So, federal gift and estate tax laws apply. Because (until quite recently) cryptocurrency has been quickly increasing in value. Thus, many people, whose estate would otherwise be valued at less than the estate and gift tax exemption amounts ($12.06 million for individuals and $24.12 million for married couples in 2022), must now include provisions in their estate plans for minimizing gift and estate tax consequences.Crypto Trading Value

If you own cryptocurrency which substantially increased in value, or which could substantially increase in value, discuss your concerns with an estate planning attorney. We can determine ways so you can minimize potential income, estate, and gift tax consequences.

Laws Governing Cryptocurrency Are Slowly Inching Along

Banking Crypto CurrencyTechnological advances move at a faster pace than the law. At the same time, as cryptocurrency increases in popularity, more people hold cryptocurrency which must be considered part of their estate. Because people store cryptocurrencies in such a way that does not tie personally identifying information to them, cryptocurrency owners must inform their beneficiaries that these assets exist. Otherwise, they could be lost forever at the owner’s death. Further, owners (and their estate planning attorneys) must provide specific instructions for accessing the cryptocurrency, or the information could also die with the owner. Finally, because managing cryptocurrency requires some level of technological expertise, appoint a trusted decision maker who has basic cryptocurrency knowledge. An estate planning attorney such as Martha Jo Patterson can help guide the process as you make arrangements for estate planning relative to cryptocurrency.

These factors create unique challenges when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrency in your estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan ensures that you and your beneficiaries know about and control what happens to your cryptocurrency upon your death.Blockchain Crypto Cash

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