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Special Needs Trusts

When a person hires an attorney to do their Estate Planning they want to provide for themselves and their loved ones during their lifetime, and upon their incapacity or death give what they want, when they want, and if they can save every last fee, tax or court cost possible. When a person has a […]

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Protecting a Family Dealing with Disease, Dementia and Disability

John a retired manager of a big company was diagnosed with terminal Cancer, and he knew he needed to protect his wife Margaret as Margaret was showing signs of forgetfulness and she had not handled their finances so he knew she would need help. In addition he was worried about his daughter, and two of […]

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Planning for a Child with Autism

Heart Puzzle Pieces Symbol of Autism

April 2nd is World Autism Day. The purpose of World Autism Awareness day is to encourage early detection and intervention. If your child or grandchild seems to be showing signs of speech delay or is not interacting with you autismspeaks.org has some tools to help you determine if your child or grandchild needs to be […]

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