Caregiver: Did You Take Care of Your Planning?

I meet many people who are in their 80s and 90s, and almost all of them are facing some kind of health challenge. I focus on making sure that my clients have a plan for both what happens when you die and what happens when you live and need help with care and paying your bills.

Since most of my clients want help from their adult children they permit me to talk to their adult children, therefore as an Elder Law Attorney, I spend most of my time talking to caregiver children. Caregivers, are kind giving people who are overwhelmed. Most Caregivers put themselves last.

It is not uncommon in my office to spend months and sometimes years helping a caregiver manage their parent’s finances and care, and after the parent is gone they tell me they need to get their planning done. Caregivers know how important it is to plan in advance, yet they often put it off.

This is a reminder to each of you to take some time to plan for yourself, don’t put your children through the stress of planning at the last minute. Give me a call, for any caregiver child who calls before the end of the year I am providing a 20% Discount on any estate plan.